Easy Grape Soda


This soda is sooo easy you’ll kick yourself for not making it sooner – and it can have soooo many variations.

Easy Grape Soda

You will need:

1 bottle of sparkling mineral water

1 container of grape juice concentrate

(I love the welch’s because it has a lid that can be put back on, that way you can make more later)

All you do is take 1 cup of sparkling water and add 2 tablespoons of grape juice concentrate.  Mix them together and Voila – homemade soda.

It’s easier if you set the frozen concentrate in the fridge so it can liquefy.

It’s not near as sugary as grape soda you buy and I really liked that. Get creative and use frozen orange juice, apple juice or lemonade.  Or mix a couple of your favorite flavors for an interesting duo. The kids will have fun helping out with it too!